IT Staff Outsourcing

IT Staff Outsourcing:

The thrive to compete in today’s challenging business environment has lead to improve in operational abilities and technological advancement of software development and service providing companies. The urge to survive in this Cut-throat competitive market has resulted into increase in number of IT projects where success or failure depends completely on ability to complete the project on time, within specified budget and up to the mark of maximum satisfaction of client.

IT Staff Outsourcing

Developing autogenous proficiency in such less time to complete these projects can never be a smart business tactics particularly when the needs of IT organizations are consistently changing. To evolve out of this situation Acetech  provides two solutions:

1) IT staff Augmentation
2) Project Outsourcing

IT Staff Augmentation

Acetech helps you to employ as many highly Skilled and professional staff as per your requirement. The resources required for this staffing is also employed by us. The company can easily grade their staff up and down as per their demand without bearing the cost and accountability of full time employees.


 full authority over staff

reduce in cost of developing skills, as staff is already fit for the work.

optimum Integration and association, as integrating any individual to existing infrastructure is more easy than two separate organizations aligning together for same purpose.

 best use of both internal and external resources


 Although companies avoid augmented staff training still there may be requirement of internal training  to make maximum utilization of resources.

 lack of internal acceptance can cause negative effect to the model as companies with internal flaws are not going to be benefitted by this.

 adding augmented staff will require more responsible management and will result in management overhead.

IT Project Outsourcing

Acetech provides an alternative approach to Staff Augmentation by offering outsourcing of entire IT project.  Acetech also offers “out tasking” where specific modules or task of the project is outsourced to a team staffed and managed by Outsourcer.


 Reduce training and skill development task as now the complete responsibility lies on with outsourcer.

 Reduction in management responsibility as outsourcing reduces the management overhead.

 Companies can focus on their core business or look forward to other tasks which are important to company as the result delivery lies with outsourcer.

 Internal inability of any company is overcome which is very important to maintain the goodwill and reputation in market.

 Result oriented and risk covered as the responsibility of result delivery lies with the outsourcer so the company doesn’t need worry about result or asset loss.


 Lack of authority over the project from bottom line to top level processes as the complete authority lies with outsourcer.

 Internal disagreement , as many employees may take it as threat to their employment.

 Acquiring a quality outsourcer  may be most decisive step in further business processing as the result delivery lies with outsourcer so one must find a reliable and result oriented outsourcer.


Services Offered By Acetech

– HR outsourcing & accounting

– Payroll Outsourcing

– Staff Outsourcing

– SEO Outsourcing

– Customer Service Outsourcing

– Call Center Outsourcing

– Database Recruitment

– Mass Recruitment

– Research Recruitment

– Illustrators

– Content Writers

– Data Entry

– Web Design Services

– Software Developers

– Virtual Assistant

– Data Validation

– Tech Support Services

– Graphic Design

– Chat & Email Support


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