Freight Management System

The key to a smooth running supply chain is keeping accurate shipping records, understanding inventory trends, understanding the true freight cost and goods and awareness of shipping procedures and rates. This will help to control cost, prevent wasteful spending and will insure that the company is not stuck with lots of overstock. Another important critical factor for supply chain services is Timely & accurate management of freight operations

Acetech’s Freight management system (FMS) is a scalable software solution serving individual logistics providers to multi-station, multi country global operating companies. The software system will formulate a shipping plan that will definitely reduce the shipping costs annually. The Freight management system has feature to track the true load tendering history against the system’s optimal plan which helps in converting projected savings into concrete savings.

Acetech FMS Salient Features includes:

Automating processes improving company’s communication and productivity

– Reduction in data entry,elimination of errors

– Entry of consignments, quotes & job bookings

– Customer EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

– Online Portal for all purposes.

– Freight Tracking system

– Extensive Operational & Management reporting

– Export summary

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