Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System is designed specifically for the purpose of making a single online system to run, manage and control functions of a hospital.  It integrates the entire resources of hospital into one integrated software application that includes the back office, clinical ,and generic management of all activities.

Patient Management
  1. Registration of patient Personal information
  2. Generation of Patient ID and Acc details
  3. Information of patient disease and allotment of ward no. and Dr. to patient.
Doctor Management
  1. Assign patient
  2. Clinic-wise, Specialty-wise, Centre-wise, Doctor-wise Scheduling
  3. New, Recurring, Follow-up Appointments.
  4. Transfer, Vacation, Re-assign Appointments
Office Management
  1. Attendance Record Management
  2. Transfer, Leave and Other employee action management
  3. Room, ward, Bed Management – Transfer, Retention, Booking, Cancellation.
  4. Operation Theater & Surgical Management.
  5. Discharge Process-Billing, Settlement, Checklist.


Account Management
  1. OP, IP, Day Care, Surgical Billing.
  2. Cash Payment Controls, Cash Tally, Multi-mode, Multi-currency bill payment
  3. Discounts, Refunds, Cancellations, Write-offs, Dues management
  4. Implementation of Service Charges, & various Tax Policy
  5. Doctor & Department Service Fee Calculation.
Staff Management
  1. Management of various Clerical and Support staff
  2. Duty assignment to Ward Boy, Support staff etc.
  3. Admission, Client / Employer Tagging, Service Eligibility Check.
  4. Nursing Management – Vitals, Progress notes, Immunization, Orders, Status Tracking.
Blood Bank Management
  1. Donor Screening & Database Management.
  2. Phlebotomy & Blood Component Separation.
  3. Storage, Inventory Management.
  4. Recipient Request & Blood Issue.