Human Resource Management

A HRM system is designed to manage access and analyse employee’s information digitally. It creates an online database of employee information which helps to manage actions related to employee’s. These actions includes tracking employee’s history,Evaluating performance,Identifying abilities, and working manner. It allows quick and easy management of all human resource online and on the GO.


Employee Management:
  1. Store and Manage information of employee ( Personal , Medical , Tax )
  2. Create employee payroll report, department lists report , service report etc.
  3. Employee job history
  4. Employee performance analysis & evaluation
  5. Employee Attendance, vacations & sick Leave         management
  6. Employee Job Assigning
  7. Employee Transfer, promotion and Demotion
  8. Employee bonus, incentive and deductions management
  1. Managing Schedules
  2. Mass Schedules
  3. Recurring Schedules
  4. Schedule Shifts
  1. Employee info detail report
  2. Audit Report
  3. Punch report
  4. Time sheet summary


New Applicants Record Management:
  1. Interview Set-up
  2. Registration and Training
  3. Employee Record Set-up
  4. Selection Management
Support Staff Management
  1. Deployment of Support Staff to required locations
  2. Support staff Payment Management
Policy Management
  1. Define Policies applicable on on or more employees
  2. Schedule policy according to requirement
  3. Policies include Holiday policy, absence policy , overtime policy , meal policy etc.
My Account:
  1. Edit preferences
  2. Edit Employee data
  3. Change password
  4. Change Bank Acc Details etc.


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