Inventory Management System

Inventory Management is the process of efficiently tracking the flow of units into and out of existing inventory .It includes tracking current status, history and deployment details of every unit. Inventory management System provides a single platform to manage customize and edit all inventory functions including managing records of sales, orders and deliveries.


Real-time inventory tracking
  1. Serial Number Tracking
  2. Assigning Expiration dates to products
  3. Assigning Expiration dates to products
  4. Item Imaging
  5. Tax Codes and Schedules management etc.
Contact Management
  1. Customer Tracking
  2. Vendor and customer transaction management
  3. Currency and price management
Invoice Management
  1. Invoice & quote generation
  2. Invoice history
  3. Customize invoice
  4. Export invoice
Stock Item Management
  1. Stock database
  2.  Bar coding
  3. Multiple price lists
  1. General Ledger
  2. Budgeting
  3. Sales management
  4. Banking
Manufacturing Features
  1. BOM
  2. Kitting
  3. Building Assemblies
  4. Perform WIP

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