Student Health Card

Every child spends more time in school than anywhere else except home. So School’s become equally responsible for child’s health than parents. Schools must consider health and wellness very important in order to learn and achieve

Acetech developed a unique Student Health Card product as a Health information Management system for students. Student Health Card is designed to support school health programs and their duties. The system provides a single platform for viewing, entering and updating data eliminating the decade old system of manual entering, searching and managing data in excel sheets or paper records.

Student Health Card

Student Health card offers various benefits to students and schools both. It has helped to analyze health reports and trends which were earlier not possible. These health analysis data is very important to plan future measures and precautions, it is also beneficial to pre determine certain diseases which are seasonal and hence make necessary steps to minimize its effect. By Implementing Student Health Card every student not only gets his/hers health status  but along with periodical health reports that keeps him/her aware of their health improvement and also self guides them to take measures and precautions for any disease.

Student Health card has reduced the burden of school management and has realized the successful implementation of an computerized system to monitor health related data in such large quantity.

Key Features of Student Health Card
Consolidation, Structuring of Data

Structuring of Data


Electronic Student Health Records

Student Health Information Systems Panel


Analytical Reports

Student Health Information Systems Data-Analysis


Categorization of Data

Data Categorization

Greater visibility into data

Data Visibility


SMS & E-mail Based Alerts

Sms Alerts


Benefits of Implementing Student Health Card To Schools:

As it is responsibility of schools to look after student’s health hence implementing Student Health Card will reflect schools image as very responsible for health concerns. It will help to make a distinct image in front of other schools .Benefits Of Health CardBenefits of Implementing Student health Card To Students:

Total health monitor of students helping them to study, play and perform well.

– Pre information of any major health related issues.

– Helps to improve and evolve into good personality

– A healthy and safe school environment for kids.

– Children can now  spend more time at school without tension of being infected by communicable diseases

– Better Academic Performance, As it has been scientifically proven that school health programs have positive impact on academic performance, Positive Emotional Health and Wellbeing

– The promotion of positive emotional health and wellbeing helps children and young people to understand and express their feelings, build their confidence and emotional resilience, and therefore their capacity to learn

– Motivated students – Better school health programs motivate and help students in maintaining and improving their health and to reduce their risk behaviors.

Success Stories

With countless benefits and advantages the Student Health Card has to be very successful.  IT has been successfully adopted and implemented by more than 140+ schools of DPS society covering approximately 5 lakhs students under the benefit and giving advantage and health privileges to all of these persons with time it is being implemented by every renowned school of India and being appreciated by others. The Students health Card has changed the perception of parents, students and teachers regarding health related issues Student Health Card’s success is result of unanimous cooperation & motivation of school management to implement efficient health programs and result of trust shown to our project and its successful implementation. Our qualified team of professionals always provides support and maintenance so that schools need to spend minimum resources & time to run the project smoothly we understand our responsibility clearly and help schools in following ways:

Maintenance of student health assessment data

– Generation of school health status reports

– Conducting health workshops in school by team of qualified health professionals

– Administrative tasks such as backup/restoration and other IT related tasks

– Integration with existing school management/accounting software to migrate student data


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