Team Tracker


  A mobile app based tool for tracking your on-field staff’s productivity

TeamTracker, a novel concept in mobile apps, helps organizations in overcoming challenges they face with their sales & marketing staff working onsite. TeamTracker makes it easy to manage and keep track of teams’ schedules & tasks. . Further it allows dynamic work allocation using maps and provide On-field status updates.

TeamTracker is a great productivity tool for any corporate setup.

 Track your marketing, sales team real time

  •  Track locations of your team members to optimize field jobs
  •  Automatic reports of places visited & Updates
  •  Team can update their work status on the Fly, using mobile app
  •  Admin panel to track employee, view Daily Status Report
  •  Available on Affordable Android phones
  •  On-field status updates
  •  Dynamic work allocation using maps

 Live Team Task Management & Tracking
  •  Define and manage schedules using Web Portal.
  •  Track Movement Remotely using Mobile App as well as Web Admin Panel
  •  Status update real time using Mobile App.
  •  Navigate using Google Maps on Mobile
 Image and Document Uploads

  •  Capture & Upload Images/Documents on Site
  •  Images are Geo-tagged
  •  Image/Document report and gallery on Web Portal
 Customized SOS/Panic Mode message

  •  Customized SOS/Panic message
  •  Location in text with GPS coordinates
  •  Call & Text Alerts to multiple Cell Nos.
Team Tracker solution consists of a user friendly Mobile App and “Anytime, Anywhere” accessible Web Portal.


  •  Instant Status Updates based on Schedules.
  •  Well Integrated with Google Maps.
  •  Integrated with Camera.
  •  Geo-fencing based Attendance system.


  •  Admin Panel to define/manage schedules.
  •  View & Print Daily Status Reports.
  •  View Team Attendance
  •  Search and Ciew Tracking Reports Online.
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