Seagate Logistic Case Study

Seagate Logistics is a logistics service company based in New York City.

It has offices globally including New York, Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Shanghai, Xiaman, Bangkok, Bangalore, New Delhi and Phnom Penh.

The Challenge

As the customer base grew, Seagate India (Seagate Transportation Pvt. Ltd) found that information and business flow were not streamlined and most of the procesess were still manually done. This resulted in decentralized, redundant information which was difficult to maintain and analyze. Lack of reporting capabilities were major shortcomings of the this system.

The dedicated professionals can be hired across verticals for any kind of projects. You can also avail customised services to suit your budget involving limited number of people for a limited time frame.

The Solution

Seagate evaluated varoius service providers having business knowlege and experience to meet the challenge.
Seagate zeroed in on Freight Management System offered by Acetech.
FMS offered by Acetech is designed and developed using Microsoft’s .net technology. It is built to support both smart client and thin web based client technology. A Centralized sever maintains the transactions data and transactions are visible to every authorized personal. The user interface provides the best of both worlds. Users can connect to the system using a web based system providing them much needed mobility. The system also supports rich usr interface with for faster and easier access.
All data pertaining to shipper, consignee, vendor, agent, warehouses, location, branches and other stakeholders can be stored and maintained in one go.


In 2011, Acetech’s Freight Management System was deployed in mulitple branches of Seagate Logistics across India. The secure centralized system is also acessible via internet.

Going forward, Seagate wants to improve its accounting module and integrate it with Freight Management System. Seagate also plans to give access to shippers and other stakeholders to further stream line their business.