Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Building a website without SEO is like using telegram in today’s era. SEO is a technique or set of techniques to promote a web site or webpage on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing by optimizing the web site in accordance with the algorithm of major search engines to get top position on SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) for some mostly searched key phrases or words related to the web site contents.

Acetech’s SEO Benefits:
Global Market Exposure

Global Market Exposure

Acetech’s SEO will bring your website and its content in view of persons across the globe which will boost up your business domain . Acetech’s SEO is not region specific and will provide equal global exposure to your website irrespective of the position of its access location.

Increased Targetted Traffic

Increase Targeted Traffic

Acetech Information Systems SEO will list your website on to top of search engines which will increase your tagetted traffic.which will eventually bring your business in contact of the actual customers who need your products or services.

Higher Keywords Rankings In Search Engine Organic Search

SEO Rank

Acetech’s SEO will increase the rankings of the keywords and phrases in your website content so that your website is available to every user who searches realted contents

Slashed Marketing Cost

Save Cost

Acetech’s SEO will reduce the traditional marketing cost which organizations implement to increase customer is cost effective technique for organizations willing to expand their market globally.

Our SEO Services:
  1. Initial SEO Report
  2. SEO Keyword Research
  3. Search Engine Compatibility analysis
  4. HTML Code Refining
  5. Website Competitive Analysis
  6. Meta Tags Optimization
  7. Analytics PPC Campaign – (Pay Per Click Campaign)
  1. SEO Web design and Development
  2. SEO Copywriting
  3. Free SEO consulting
  4. Content Analysis
  5. Site Structure Analysis
  6. Advanced Link Building Directory Submission (Free/Paid)

Acetech’s SEO approach:
1. Website investigation and strategic planning
2. Introductory website addressing and tracking integration
3. On page optimization

Includes making website appeal both to users and search engines, reviews and improves both public view of website and technical setup visible only to search engines.


  1. Site map Creation and code validation
  2. Pages assigning to existing and new keywords
  3. Check broken links and fix them
  4. Analyse inbound link profile.
  5.  Delete non-useful outbound links
  6. Establish Google analytics and web-master tools.
  1. Keyword addition to URL’s, title tags, meta descriptions, header tags and alt tags
  2. Content improvement
  3. Reduce redundant and non-useful pages
  4. Add structured data mark-up code
  5. Create and submit XML sitemap.
4. Off page Optimization

Includes promotion of website across web. the basic principle is to establish brand awareness , attract visitors from 3rd party website and improve rankings on SERP



Contacting companies and bloggers (non competing) to link your best content to their website.

Online bulletin

Writing periodical press release to share news , achievements and developments of organizations.


Use of Google Ad Words and Facebook Advertising to gain new users. Constantly review advertisements to be up-to-date.


Create a Facebook page and be in contact with users, constantly post and comment to updates and recent activities around the world.

Content Marketing

Contacting companies and bloggers (non competing) to publish your content on their website.


Enrolling into good willed,manually reviewed business directory either local or national. include links in website

Video marketing

Use of websites like YouTube and msn to market your business by uploading videos promoting your vision and idea.

Banner Advertising

Create banner and advertisements on 3rd party websites that intend to be site of visit of customers.